About Us

What is Biobanking?

Biobanking entails collecting and archiving biological specimens that are annotated with clinical data obtained from consenting participants and stores them for future research purposes. Typically human biological samples such as plasma, serum, urine, tissue, cells or DNA are stored in a biobank.

Who We Are

McCain GU Biobank formally known as the UHN GU BioBank is an investigator initiated biobanking program founded in 2008 to facilitate the discovery and validation of novel biomarkers, aiming to achieve personalized medicine in Urology. The GU BioBank has mapped relevant clinical states for various cancer cohorts and controls, and established a systematic and clinically-integrated approach to biospecimen procurement. All consenting patients provide specimens prior to, during and following their treatment(s).

Get involved

The McCain GU BioBank Program would not survive without the support of our patient-participants, healthy volunteer-participants and our donors. To find out how you can get involved in our program please contact us.