Our Program

Our program is based on collecting biospecimens at certain time points allowing for serialized collections throughout patient prognosis. Clinical time point collections are based on input from our expert surgical, medical, and radiation oncologist team. We are constantly updating our serialized collection time points to meet the current standard of care. Additionally, we anticipate changes from clinical and research community to adapt for the type of biospecimens we collect.

Over 600,000 biospecimens have been stored to date from over 16,000 participants. These biospecimens are comprised of both retrospective and prospective samples. Our retrospective collaborations have utilized approximately 25,000 samples to date.  Our prospective biospecimens are from over 30 study-directed banking protocols local and global collaborations amount to date. The specimen catalogue and relevant clinical databases within the division are federated with information from the electronic patient record and used for specimen selection processes and clinical outcomes determination for approved studies.