Additional Services


DNA & RNA extraction is utilized in fundamental research, routine diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making. Extraction and purification are also essential in determining the unique characteristics of DNA, including its size, shape and function. With our comprehensive service of DNA and RNA extraction, we provide the extracted sample in vials customized to your study requirements along with all required data fields. Please Contact Us to find out more.


Along with biobanking under our general banking protocol, we offer our patient eligibility screening, consenting, biospecimen collecting, biospecimen handling, biospecimen processing, clinical data annotation and long-term sample storage services. All collected biospecimens and data for your protocol will be kept on hold for only your use. Please Contact Us and review Accessing Biospecimen & Data to utilize our services.


Our collection protocols are continuously adapting to the changing demands of clinical research. Our biobank started with the collection of plasma, serum, buffy coat and urine specimens . To serve the contemporary clinical research field, we expanded our collection to include additional samples types such as plasma for cfDNA (liquid biopsy), PBMC , saliva, Bronchoalveolar lavage and other sample types. To find out more about additional simple types please Contact Us.


Our longitudinal sample collection gains more value with our comprehensive clinical data annotation that includes patient demographic, pathology outcomes, survival rates, treatment progression and others. We have developed expertise in data management and effective clinical annotation. Please Contact Us to find out how we can assist you.


McCain GU BioBank welcomes all new collaborations and opportunities to expand and learn from fellow individuals within the research community.  If we are not meeting your needs, please Contact Us to find out how we can best assist you.